Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome to Little Boracay

^picture above is courtesy of Bob Martin of www.liveinthephilippines.com

One of the finest beaches in my town was named after the famous Boracay in Aklan. Little Boracay, as we called it, is a small replica of what Boracay is. The white sand, the coconut trees, the beautiful stones, the lovely corals, the amazing sea urchins, the star fishes and many more, are something more than you can imagine.

The resort is equipped with cottages, from ‘Nipa’ hut, small cottages to one-bedroom air-conditioned cottage. It also caters seminar and training at the resort’s convention hall which can accommodate up to 100 persons. The entry fee is only 10php and 20php, kids and adults respectively and additional 10php for overnight fee per person. Cottage price ranges from 50php, 100php and 1000php.

Little Boracay maintains a tourism spot of Santa Maria. You are always welcome to visit. If you’re looking for a good place to relax, with the aura of a real boracay, come and chill in Little Boracay.

Sneak peek of the beautiful resort:


simpleyesa said...

Anyway, the fare from Sta Maria proper to Little Boracay costs 10-15 pesos only.

Anonymous said...

can i have the contact number of little bora?pls send me the contact number to my email add pls..rialyn_november@yahoo.com

i will wait for it...me and my friends interested to go at little bora this coming dec...so i need to have contact for more infor. tnx a lot god bless

yesa said...

Unfortunately, i dont have their contact details.

Boracay Hotels said...

Yeah, it true boracay is a small island. But look there so many people who want to visit this island...

Tanya Gemarin

Boracay Hotels said...

It does looks like Boracay... and the best part is it's really affordable... Thanks for the info.

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