Sunday, January 6, 2008

JTSCES: Public Grade School

Jose Timbol Sr Central Elementary School, my grade school – the home of my childhood memories. I graduated from the school in 1995, and for 6 long years I’ve been playing, running and jumping in the playground as if there is nothing in the world but it. It’s been so many years since I set foot on the school ground, but for that long years – nothing change. Well, maybe some gardening and structure were mended but it isn’t enough to say that the school had a big leap.

So, this is the flag pole – the flag pole in the same old spot. Believe it or not, the old flag pole looks better than the new one. I have no idea why they had to change it and make it smaller. The old one have a small stage where the conductress/conductor used to stand everytime we had a flag ceremony. Well, whatever it is – perhaps they thought it would be better to change it – ok fine.

The playground. The school holds about more or less 2000 pupils and at my time, the playground is not enough for us. Why? Because we used to play ‘tigso’, jumping rope, ‘siyatong’, ‘birus’, chinese garter, ‘luksong tinik’, and etchetera – and these games needs a bigger space. So if everyone plays the same game, that’s when ‘territory’ took place. I always thought bullying does not exist in my childhood days, but now I can see it more clearly than I should – it does! Funny cos it was easy for me to acquire ‘my’ territory and no one ever dared to get into my way – perhaps I am one worst kid in school. LOL

The gym. Ok, this one is new, as in not in my time. We used to have this ‘Pavilion’ which I haven’t taken some pictures. The gym is located next to the Pavilion, and since I’m so lazy to walk just to take pictures of the Pavilion, I thought the gym’s picture was enough – now I regret it cos the gym can never replace our Pavilion.

The school river. Amazingly, we have this small river at school where we used to get water for our gardening. One thing I hate about public school – the gardening! We have this lot where we have to plant some vegetables and take care of it. Well, the school administrator deserves my praise for making and keeping this river clean and beautiful.

See the fresh water? But no, it is not advisable for drinking. A slaughter house is nearby the river, so most likely some of the wastes are thrown out to the river. Oh please, don’t hate the owner cos we own the slaughter house. <_<

How can I forget the bridge? Haha, I think I was too childish to start my love affair at that infamous school bridge. It is the same old bridge, nothing change.

The hallway to my third and fourth grade. The fourth door was my third grade class room, and the last door (which you can’t see in the picture) was my fourth grade class room. Oh my, everything is still the same and I don’t want to take picture of the exact class room cos I might see in them the craziness I did when I was younger. Yes indeed, the vandals and all that. LOL

So that’s my old elementary school. Though I have too much to say against it, I am not ashamed to tell the world that I came from that school. I’m proud to be a graduate of that school – Yes, I am.

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